Frequently Asked Questions

What is RijoBaseball TV?

Rijo Baseball TV employs state of the art instructional videos by experienced proffessionals and sets the world wide standard for performance enhancement.

What do I get when I subscribe?

After subscribing you will gain access to a complete system to take your game to the next level. To see an in-depth description on exactly what you will receieve please visit our page explaining the details Here.

How Do I Contact Rijo TV?

You may contact us at or by phone at 425-486-4878

Can I Watch RijoBaseball TV On My Device?

Yes RijoBaseball TV will work on every device, also check out our mobile apps for both iPhone and Android.

How Often Do You Upload Videos?

Rijo Baseball TV will have several new videos per week uncluding our Rijo TV series, Video blogs, new Challenges of the Week, and other content!

Where Are The New Videos?

The new videos we upload will show up on the home page so come back often to see our new content!