What do I get when I subscribe?

After subscribing, you will gain elite access to:

  • Weekly RijoTV show on controversial & instructional topics
  • Video blogs on everything baseball/softball: New drills, instruction, teaching, coaching, interviews, news, etc.
  • All 200+ of our best selling drills for team, defense, hitting & pitching.
  • Our Velocity Training program that is guaranteed to improve velo by 5-10 mph!
  • The #1 Hitting & Pitching systems available today. 9 Innings of Hitting, 9 Innings of pitching: A progression program that is guaranteed to improve on-field results.
  • Challenge of the week. Challenging coaches, parents & players in life, not just in the game of baseball & softball.
  • Articles, programs written for skill enhancement.
  • Store discounts 

How often will new video content be uploaded?

  • The RijoTV show will be broadcasted and uploaded 1 or 2 times per week.
  • New Video blogs will be uploaded on a regular basis: Between 15-25 (or more) per month.
  • Challenges will be at least 1 per week.
  • 9 Innings of Hitting, Pitching and The Ultimate Game Changer Drills Videos are set systems.
  • Written articles will be uploaded regularly.

Who is involved with making the content?

  • Our professional staff at Rijo Athletics, as well as several credible & reliable coaches & guests.

How long does the subscription last?

  • There are 2 ways to subscribe: A monthly payment of $9.99 or a 1 time payment of $97.99 for the full year, continuing to make payments will allow access to all Rijo TV content.